Mountain Biking & Cycling

Mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts come from all over the world to explore Italy and Switzerland. We can help you organize your itinerary, a reliable rental company, and all the details. There is a famous statue above Bellagio called the ‘Madonna Del Ghisallo’which was declared by the Pope during the 1949 Giro Di Italia!



Hiking is extremely popular in both Italy and Switzerland! The Swiss and Italian Alps, are renowned for world-class climbers many coming from the Sudtyrol are in Northern Italy where the Dolomites mountain range is considered one of the most popular destinations. However, from Como, you can literally walk up to the mountain peaks overlooking the lake and traverse it for miles with ‘Rifugios’ (sheltered huts) and even restaurants come with sleeping quarters! We can assist you with a quality company that specializes in this exhilarating sport.                              

Villa-dEste-Golf pic.jpg


Golfing in Italy is surprisingly popular and many of the courses are simply stunning! Just outside of Como is a world-famous Villa D’este Golf Course which we can offer to our guests for a very reasonable price as we know the owner. Golf is regarded as only for the wealthy since it is rather expensive with a limited amount of courses in the country. In recent years, however, the sport has caught on with the younger generation and more affordable.


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is another sport which is popular especially on the Mediterranean Coast where we also visit on our tours. On the Italian Riviera, there is the famous ‘Christ of the Abyss’ 57 feet underwater at San Sfruttuoso, a tiny little village only accessible by boat. It was put there in honor of the first-ever Italian scuba diver in 1954. Again, we make a day trip to the Riviera and can assist you with a qualified company so you can explore this remarkable coastline.